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Resources & Strategies for Starting or Expanding Your Coin Collection

  • start your coin collection with these easy to follow tips

    Get Started with Coin Collecting

    The thought of starting your own collection sounds exciting but you don't know where to start. Sounds familiar? Here are some easy to follow steps to help you on your path to becoming a full-blown collector.

  • American Silver Eagles are the most popular coin to ever be collected in modern times

    American Silver Eagles - The Most Popular Coin to be Collected, Ever


    Since 1986 when Silver Eagles were introduced by the US Mint, they have been the single most collected coin in history. What is it that makes them so sought after?

  • what can you find in your wallet?

    Spare Change that Can Make You Rich!

    Do you have any of these coins scattered among your coin stash? Look carefully because coins like these can be extremely valuable.

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  • innovation dollar

    The New US Innovation Dollar Coin Program - What to Expect

    Fresh off the heels of the Presidential Dollar Series that ended in 2017, the Mint introduces a new series of dollar coins celebrating innovations from each state and territory.


The Patriotic Mint is proud to carry an amazing collection of American and International Collectible Coins, Coin Sets, Colorized Coins and much more. Coin Collecting is a challenging, yet very interesting and rewarding field that provides for endless discovery and learning. At Patriotic Mint, we help you strengthen your passion with a selection of pristine, distinctive coins and coin sets that will doubtless make a lasting addition to your collection. Collectible coins also make a great gift for adults and especially children as, like a great piece of art, coins are excellent history teachers and spark many interesting questions.

Whatever your reasons, The Patriotic Mint has the coin sets and collectible coins that you are looking for, all available at great prices. To get started, visit our Browse by Category our Browse by Price pages, or check out what other coin collectors are purchasing on our Best Sellers page.

ATTN: Minnesota Residents:

The Minnesota Bullion Coin Dealers Law (Chapter 80G) became effective July 1, 2014. The statute affects coin dealers residing in Minnesota, and any coin dealers outside of Minnesota, who buy and/or sell to Minnesota consumer residents, regardless of where the transactions take place. Unfortunately, the costs to comply with this onerous law make it prohibitive for us to do business with Minnesota residents unless they are also dealers registered under the Minnesota Bullion Coin Dealers Law. Therefore we will no longer buy and/ or sell items that contain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium to Minnesota non-dealer residents. Thank you in advance for understanding this decision we must regrettably make.


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