Roman Empire12 Emperor Silver Coin Collection

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These genuine ancient Roman silver coins from the first three centuries AD come in a custom made hardwood case. Each coin is protected in an archival capsule and features a different Roman Emperor. The obverse side of the coin shows the portrait of the Emperor at the time the coins were minted. Most of the reverse sides have images depicting history, mythology and military themes. 

These genuine silver coins from the second and third centuries CE offer a view of the roots of modern Western civilization evident in the Roman Empire.

The obverse side of each coin shows the portrait of the emperor at the time of mintage; on the reverse sides, images depict history, mythology, and military themes. Numerous pagan gods and goddesses dominated Roman life and were reflected in the popularity of these themes.

Coins were made by hand by inserting a hot metal blank between two dies and striking the upper die with a heavy hammer. Because of this crude process, the coins are not perfectly round.

The 12 Coins are all Silver Denarius from Rome and the set includes:

 Antonius Pius, the Pacifist (138-161)

Commodus, the gladiator (166-192)

Septimius Severus, the Persecutor (193-211)

 Julia Domna, the Lady of the Camp (193-217)

 Caracalla, the Good Citizen (198-217)

Elagabalus, the Eccentric (218-222)

Severus Alexander , the Steady (222-235)

 Gordian III, the Boy Emperor (238-244)

 Trebonianus Gallus: the Conspirator (251-253)

Valerian I, the Captive (253-260)

 Gallienus, the Egalitarian (253-268)

. This set comes with a plaque listing the Emperors and dates of their reign and a certificate of authenticity.

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