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Your Coin Collecting Headquarters is 

The Patriotic Mint is proud to carry an amazing collection of United States and World Collectible Coins, Coin Sets, Colorized Coins and much more. 

Coin Collecting is a challenging, yet very interesting and rewarding field that provides for endless discovery and learning. At The Patriotic Mint, we help you strengthen your passion with a selection of pristine, distinctive coins and coin sets that will doubtless make a lasting addition to your collection. 

Collectible coins also make a great gift for adults and especially children as, like a great piece of art, coins are excellent history teachers and spark many interesting questions. 

Whatever your reasons, The Patriotic Mint has the coin sets and collectible coins that you are looking for, all available at great prices. 

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The Patriotic Mint is a private distributor of worldwide government coin and currency issues and privately issued and licensed collectibles, and is not affiliated with the United States government. The Patriotic Mint is not an investment company and does not offer financial advice or sell items as an investment. The collectible coin market is speculative, and coin values may rise or fall over time. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.